Mac lipstick-please me

I have never tried MAC products before last month and now I’m officially addicted. I always assumed MAC was overly priced like Chanel or Gucci makeup so I never went out of my way to go to buy from them. After watching reviews of their liquid lipsticks I was more turned away by all the negativity however there was one color that was so beautiful and peach I knew I had to get it. That is not the product I’m reviewing right now but it is the back story how I got into MAC. When in the store I went a little nuts with how many choices in lipstick they had and immediately fell in love. I only allowed myself to get one lipstick since I have never experienced using this product and although they are very pigmented who’s to say they last.

I of course chose the rose pink in matte finish as my first tester and I’m happy to say it is amazing!! I wore it first to a concert that lasted about 4 or so hours and when it was over I went to reapply and there was no need. Each bullet is only $17 which is really good for lipstick of that quality, Urban Decay has the same price for the vice collection and it does not stand in comparison to MAC. This color is perfect for the transition of seasons from spring to summer or summer to fall it’s definitely a light good weather wear. -đź’‹ Katherine

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