Ofra liquid lipstick- Manny MUA collection 

I absolutely adore Manny MUA and after much convincing from other beauty vloggers I decided to buy his Ofra liquid Set. The set is actually a good deal you get three for $39 and individually they cost $19 so you essentially get one free.

I absolutely adore the colors they are very Manny definitely colors that he wears a lot. I feel like I wear a lot of the same tones as him I’m into more mauve tones and I think all three of these have a mauve feeling.

The first color is HYPNO its a very dark purple I feel like it may be to dark for my pale skin tone but I’m pretty excited to wear it in the fall

The next color is ARIES it’s a very pale nude pink mauve and I’m in love with it! It’s by far my favorite of the set however pink nudes are my favorite lipstick colors regardless. I think the color matches well with my fair complexion.

The last color in the order is CHARMED and that’s a more mauve plum nude it’s got a very suttle purple. I love this color for the fall as well it’s a nice color to wear with natural tone clothes.

Overall I do like the liquid lipstick it is lightweight and soft like many people have talked about. It also does smell like sugary sweet cake, now personally I don’t smell my lipstick and I don’t understand the point. I’m not wearing it to smell nice that’s what perfume is for I would just like the color to look nice and last, I never smell the lipstick once applied anyway. The lipstick does not last as long as I would like it to, it has to be reapplied by my lunch break and definitely crumbles in the center. It does not have much bleeding outside the lips but I think I need to wear a lip liner with this product, I did see joker face with the HYPNO shade that I needed to fix immediately. Ofra is not my favorite liquid lipstick like others have voted but it is still a good product and good value for the money. -💋Katherine

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