Estée Lauder – Advanced night repair 

I have not purchased this item yet but I have had three pretty good sized samples of it that make up a full sized option. Most places you can buy Estée Lauder makeup you will usually get a free sample of their skin care line and it’s a good chance you will get this product.

I was really excited the first time I got the sample especially with its high cost I never imagined purchasing the product without testing it first. The price for 1.0 oz is $62 which is an average cost for a serum for a high end product. I advise to try and get a sample before purchasing though despite all the hype reviews everyone’s skin is different and it may not work for everyone.

My experience with the product was not a positive one unfortunately. I really wanted to like this product especially I use the Estée Lauder foundation everyday I would like to use the skin care with it. I have tried to use this serum on several occasions and I have not had any results. I have read other people’s uses online stating to use it every night for two weeks or every once in a while but still I do not feel any kind of difference.

A few years ago I used the product above the bare minerals cell renewal night serum and I loved it! Every time I used it my skin felt like it was reborn even three days after using it I felt the soft finish. I personally have very dry skin so finding a good product for moisturizer is a big deal to me. Sadly this product they do not make anymore and I thought the Estée Lauder serum was a good replacement for the bare minerals serum.

I’m still on the lookout for a new serum that will hopefully do as good as a job as the bare minerals one did. I really advise to try this product regardless of my review because it has such a high rating what doesn’t work for me may work for someone else. – 💋Katherine

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