Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks 

With all the hype for Friday’s release for Jeffree Star’s lip ammunition lipstick I wanted to write my appreciation for his liquid lipstick. His lipstick is definitely one of my favorites it’s very light weight and it actually LASTS which is something very important to me. Another thing that I love about this lipstick when you have to reapply and touch up it goes on nicely and blends in, some other brands tend to crumble and crack. 

I currently have 9 liquid lipstick by him, I’m sorry if one you wanted to see is not on here but most of these are always sold out so it was amazing I even have this many. The one I really really want is “doll parts” I wanted that shade even before I got my first one months ago but it has been sold out with no talk it coming back.  I’m going to go over each shade and it is in the same order as the swatch picture above.

The one above is the shade “im nude” this was my first lipstick I ever got from Jeffree Star and I was obviously a fan. I don’t wear this much as my other nude shades from him but I think the shade washes out my face since its so close to my skin tone.

This one above is the shade “celebrity skin”, I wanted this one for months and as soon as it was announced that it was back in stock I pounced on it. It’s a more recent purchase but I have definitely gotten some good use out of it.

The next shade is “mannequin”, this one is probably my most used nude shade by Jeffree. It’s such a natural tone I think it’s a good shade to compliment every skin tone.

Moving past the nudes we are now seeing more color with this shade “androgyny”, this one I honestly wanted because others were getting it. At first I thought it was to dark for me but now it’s grown on me and with fall coming up I know I’ll be wearing it much more.

Most excited to talk about this shade “rose matter”, this was just a special addition along with the shade mannequin and it sold out in no time. This is the perfect pink I wear it constantly and I can wear it with any outfit. I pray that it will come back in stock one day because I use a lot of this and I’m going to need this shade again. 

This super light pink is called “714”, this was apart of the summer collection which is why the packaging is yellow. I like this shade a lot but I’ve been told it does not look good on me so now I’m discouraged from wearing it anymore. 

The other summer collection one I got is “watermelon soda” this is probably another one of my all time favorites. This is the perfect cross between red and pink lipstick and it perfect for the summer fall transition. One of people’s biggest complaints about his liquid lipstick is the smell, me personally I do not care I don’t smell my lipstick all day so it makes no difference this one however smells exactly like watermelon gum super sweet!

This absolutely vibrant color above is titled “prom night”, a very very neon pink. This was another one of my first I bought from him and again it must be good if I got more. The color on the hand is a bit much way to bright for me so I never wear this shade. 

Last of my collection is “red rum” the shade that is very very red. This is the type of classic red that will go with any kind of event or setting. This was not my first choice reds by them but I have no regrets.

I also bought one of the lip scrubs after my last purchase and I’m a fan. This scrub is not a cream scrub just crystals. I’m happy I did find it though I love mojito and its crazy someone made a lipstick out of it.
Bottom line I recommend this company and the lipstick. I can’t wait to get the lipsticks on Friday and will be happy share my thoughts on those as well. – 💋 Katherine 

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