Pravana – NEVO intense therapy leave in treatment 

I would like to introduce you all to my best friend!! I know everyone has a few beauty products that they cannot live without but this is one I cannot go a day without. This is by far the best leave in conditioner on the market….well according to me at least.

I was in ulta a few months ago and just browsing by the haircare isles and I noticed a sign by this product that said best of allure winner. I absolutely love looking through the allure beauty lists, I know the research was done and I have a 90% chance of loving the product. So strictly because of that sign I decided to buy it, that packaging helped it was so pretty and blue.

The product is 100% vegan as well as the packaging and its 100% biodegradable, so for the world savers out there this is for you. All of the ingredients are natural and in most good high end hair products. 

It is said to have 12 different uses and comes with a little tag letting you know what the uses are. The product is for the following; Detangles, hydrates, equalizes hair porosity, protects hair during thermal styling, protects, repairs split ends, gives shine, eliminates static electricity, soothes skin, lessens effects of chlorine, defrizzer.

My two main reasons for this products are the detangler (because I’m a big baby and I’m very tender headed) and the defeizzer (because I always look like I stuck a fork in an electrical socket). I’ve used this as a crutch with the detangler now if I can’t use it before brushing my hair I just do not brush it and put it up in a ponytail. Even on days where I don’t wash my hair and I use dry shampoo I still use this even though it will make it look more oily I just use the dry shampoo on top of it. I just cannot live without it.

The bottle shape is pretty neat too as well as the separation of the light blue and dark blue, you just have to shake it before use. The product lasts a long time I’ve had this since the beginning of the summer and I use it every day it’s definitely worth the money. They have other products similar to this one and all the “NEVO” products are for repairs, they also have a good collection of blonde toning products.

When I purchased this item it was $18 I believe it went up in price to $20 but again so worth the money. I also think you can get it on amazon for $16 so for all you Amazon addicts you may want to make this your next purchase. – 💋Katherine 

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