Tarte- tartiest paint pallet 

I’m super excited to write about the beautiful items that are in this box! This is the the holiday Tarte eyeshadow and cheek pallet sold exclusively at ulta for $49. This is such an amazing deal and I shall dive on into why below. I have been drooling over this for a while but I thought it was an online only item so man was I thrilled when I came across it in the store so I could swatch it. 

I apologize my lighting isn’t exactly perfect but it does the job and I think you can tell these colors are gorgeous!! This is an obvious great deal for all that you are getting I mean all those shadows plus the contour not to mention you get a travel size of lipgloss and mascara.

Tarte eyeshadow is a hit or miss for me I shall be honest and the same goes for this pallet. While I may not love absolute every part of this pallet I still enjoy it as a whole. I don’t particularly like lipgloss as I’ve stated in other blogs so I don’t see myself actually using it. The mascara was a bit to clumpy for my liking so I don’t think I will be purchasing the full size version.

 I also want to point out the brush, I have another Tarte shadow and cheek pallet and it came with the same useless type of brush. The brush is to thick to work any kind of shadow it goes all over the place and is to small to apply to the cheek and does not blend you just will have a streak of color on the cheek. 

The shadows are very versatile I’ve had some really good shadows by them with full pigmentation and I had ones that looks like your swiping chalk on. Tarte does not know how to make a matte eyeshadow, I learned that the hard way when I got their matte pallet and wasted time and money on it. The matte shadows do not have much color to them they don’t last and they are absolutely impossible to blend. I did a few tries with photos below but I’m still not a fan of the mattes but with the beautiful cream eyeshadow I managed to make it work. 

With the photo above I’m wearing everything in the pallet including the lipgloss and mascara. The color shadows I’m wearing are beret, to the pointillism, and reflection.

For the next look I removed the lipgloss because I had to!! But still wearing the contour and mascara. For the eyeshadow I’m sporting landscape, gilded gallery, and canvas.

Now my last one and my most hated one I don’t like the way it turned out since I tried to use a lot of matte in it. I would also like to add I did all my eyeshadow with the brush I bashed earlier so mad props to me for making it work. For this one I used be an original, stencil and muse. I would like to add that the be an original is a metallic cream and it’s flawless this one is not the issue here!

The swatches above are all of the shadows in the pallet the first photo are the first two rows and the second are the bottom rows. It’s obvious that the bottom rows are much more pigmented than the top but I would like to point out that the top two rows are all the nude mattes and they are better used as a base.

I can assure you I am absolutely in love with this pallet and I’m so glad they have not sold out yet. It’s worth the money and a great holiday present too. -💋 Katherine

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