NYX – Lip Lingerie 

I know many people are talking about the NYX lip creams but I wanted to talk about the less popular lingerie. These are better suited for those that want more of a nude look and not so many crazy colors. I like these a lot better than the lip creams but I’m more of a fan of the natural colors anyway. 
Now these are not my absolute favorite lipsticks they have there issues that I will be detailing below. Despite having s few faults it’s a great value for your dollar they retail at $7.99 and sometimes you’ll catch a sale and get them buy one get one 1/2 off. 

They all have their own individual names (which of course are catchy I mean it is makeup) but they also are numbered which I love. They have 12 shades I only own 7 of them so I shall be reviewing the numbers that are listed above. I want to note I tried to get more but they always seem to be sold out of certain shades by where I live.


I wish I could say I like this shade but I cannot I absolutely hate it. I love the name it sounds adorable and the shade looks super nice in the tube. The color is way to dark for me, I think this is more for a person with a darker complexion. Also this shade is more drying, like most liquid lipstick formulas can change depending on the shade and this formula is a big thumbs down. 


I actually really do like this shade, although it is dark as well it’s still lighter that the honeymoon. It has purple tint so that I can work with but when it’s like a flat brown it’s overdone. This shade is actually a lot better formula wise it’s soft and not drying so it looks nicer too.

03-Lace Detail 

Pardon the very close selfie but I wanted to make it clear about how this shade looks. Again I want to love this shade I mean the name alone ahh! The color is so light it wold look good on me however it’s got many faults. The issue with this one is its way to drying and because it’s a really light shade when it dries you can see every crease in my lips as you can see from the photo above.

06- Push-up

This color looks better in the photo than it does in real life but it was still a nice shade. It’s not a one swipe coverage so you have to layer it a bit which can be a bit tricky with liquid lipstick. The layering caused it to feel more dry than it would be with just the one swipe, but overall I do like this lipstick.

07-satin ribbon

This is my most hated one!! Like the lace detail it’s very light and very drying making it very unflattering. It’s also impossible to spread which is why my top lip looks so bad I could not even get the full lip covered. I was thinking of using this shade for an ombré with another dark lip but since it doesn’t spread well I don’t know if it’s possible.


Love this shade!! It’s not drying and the color is gorgeous! I’m really happy with the shade I think it can go with most eye shadows and highlighters it’s so versatile.


Aaaaaand last but not least my favorite of the collection! This shade is just beautiful I mean look at that pigment. This color is perfection for fall and I mean it goes great with my eyeshadow. I’ve been into so many burnt orange colors this fall and I’m happy this lipstick will go with it perfectly.

Above is my swatch going in that same order that I reviewed them. The colors I think turned out a lot better on my arm than they did on my lips so that’s pretty disappointing. Especially the light shades they look like they would be so perfect for me but once they go on my lips they turn my lips to an ugly stone.

Although this wasn’t necessarily a positive review I’m still a big fan of these. I got a few good shades out of it and it’s really good for the price of them. -💋Katherine 

3 thoughts on “NYX – Lip Lingerie 

  1. I like the NYX lip lingeries, I recently tried out the Liquid Suedes, and they are great too! Thanks for following me love! I would love to follow you on snapchat & instagram! what are your social media handles? xoxo Cass


    1. I love the suedes too! I think I may break down and buy the vault package of all the shades. I don’t use snapchat but I do have Instagram it’s the ale as my username elmbennet.


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