October subscription boxes Sephora play & birchbox

Another month another box! This is my second birchbox and my first Sephora play box and I’m pretty pleased with both of them. I did subscribe to ipsy too but I was to late to get one for October so I shall be talking about three next month.

So first lets go over the Sephora play! I love the way they have it linked with your Sephora account and you can scan and buy the products right from the app. Another perk is you get a card you can bring to Sephora and get 50 beauty insider points every month. It’s also the same as the other subscription boxes where you fill out a profile so they know the right things to send to you. Also you get a bag like ipsy and I just have to gush about how much I love this months bag!!

Mon Paris- Yves Saint Laurent

Full size $92

Every box comes with a fragrance sample and this one everyone got. I do like the scent it’s very floral and woodsy however I own so much perfume I don’t think this is making me run out and purchasing it.

Bamboo crème frappée – erborian 

Full size $43

I honestly can’t say much about this did not feel or see any kind of difference. It said its a skin reviving gel so I tried to use it with or without moisturizer and I can’t say I really care for it either way. 

Regenerating masque – Christophe robin 

Full size $71

Just like the product above I’m not a fan of this one because I don’t think it did anything. The product also smells like sunblock I don’t know why a lot of them do but I don’t like it and I’m not a fan of having my hair smell like it.

Skin dew – farmacy 

Full size $44

I was actually really happy to get this product I’ve been wanting dew most for a long time. As you can see from the photo above it has been used a lot and I do think  it made me have a glow. I’m not a fan of the smell though it does stick around for a while and it’s very like old candy and chemical smell I don’t know it’s not pleasant.

Flash photo gloss – the Estée edit

Full size $20

This was a wasted sample for me! As I have mentioned several times before I hate lipgloss!! This is supposed to make your teeth whiter in photos but I can’t have it on my face for more than seconds I hate lipgloss.

Always on matte liquid lipstick- smashbox

Full size $24

Aaaaaaand last but not least my favorite sample in this box! The smashbox is my favorite liquid lipstick and I was happy to get a shade that I don’t have. I was reading tumors that it was supposed to be a full size so some disappointment but still a good product.
Now on to the birchbox! I’m disappointed in myself I will say, one of the reasons I like these boxes is all the mystery and the surprise when you open it. They send the emailed letting you get to sneak a peak before it comes which I’m happy to ignore but this month they sent and email letting me pick an already prepared box that I did select. So this month I got a box I was already prepared for, I only wanted it for one product that I wanted to try for a long time so I didnt want to pass up on the opportunity.

Avène Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Cream RICH

Full size $32

A big title for a sub par moisturizer… I don’t necessarily hate this but nothing special. I have super dry skin so it’s really important to me that I have a moisturizer that is decent.

Cream lipstick- make silk

Full size $25

The color of this is gorgeous however the product…eh. It’s a moisturizing lipstick and usually those Coke off much easier than a matte or even a cream lipstick. I’m also a little disappointed in the size it’s like a 80’s Avon lipstick sample. 

This works – deep sleep pillow spray

Full size $29

The title is right this does work! It’s got lavender and mint oils to make you relax and fall asleep with ease. I adore lavender so I was very happy to have this in my box. I can honestly say that I did fall asleep much faster with this spray.

Gold lust shampoo- Oribe 

Full size $44

This does work and it did leave a gold shine to the blond part of my hair. Unfortunately I also have some brunette hair too so the gold that got on the brunette made it very noticeable. I’m also not a fan of the price!! I go through so much dry shampoo I need to buy it more on the cheap side I can barely spend more than $10 on a can I would never spend over $40.

Power mud – glamglow 

Full size $69

This was the reason for my decision to choose my box. I have been dying to try any of the glamglow products and I wanted to make sure they work before I take that $70 plunge. This mask is amazing!! The first time I did it I didn’t exactly read the instructions and I was just ready to write it off but I’m glad I gave it another go. I put a thin layer on damp skin right after I used cleanser and that’s how to make it work. I was worried it was burning at first but it was just tingling and working it’s really at it cleaning your skin. I can honestly say I could see my poors smaller and cleaner after using it.

So again this month has brought me some hits and misses but I’m pretty satisfied with my boxes. -💋Katherine 

2 thoughts on “October subscription boxes Sephora play & birchbox

  1. Great mini- reviews of all the products. I’ve heard great things about this works pillow spray so will def check that out now and I love glam glow products especially the mask in the white jar. By the way thank you so much for following my blog. Have a wonderful week 🙂

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