Tarte- Swamp Queen Palette 

I’m so happy to talk about one of my favorite palettes! I didn’t want to post about it in the past because it’s a limited edition and it sold out pretty damn fast. However if you follow Tarte or grav3yardgirl on Twitter or Instagram you should know that it is back!! This is still a limited edition palette and I’m not sure if it’s going to come back again. I bought this when it worst cam out months ago immediately, I have been a fan of bunny for years and this was a must have for me. 

If you see how the palette is lined up you can see it has on the left a bronzer, blush and highlighter and the right has nine eyeshadows. The shadows are nicely set up that each row goes together nicely, you can always play around but it’s nice to have it set up. In the photos I’ve taken I have all of the cheek products on and I did each row of shadows.

The photo above is all the cheek swatches, as you can see they are very pigmented. The bronzer is to dark for my liking so I rarely use it, I’m pretty pale as you can see and I don’t feel I get a natural look with it. I adore the highlighter and blush though!! The blush is sparkly and it really reminds me of the nars orgasm and the highlight is so sheen and sparkly! 

The names are to die for too, they are very bunny if you know her

Bronzer – Sweet Tea

Blush – does this thing really work?

Highlighter – gator wings

Colors for this look and the swatches above are the first row; #SFS, natural peaches, and dogman. 

Like I did with all of my looks I did the dark shadow on the right be the bad on the lid, the lighter shade in the middle go above my kid below the brow bone, and finally the lightest shade on the left in the corners of my eyes. I love the way dogman and natural peaches go together, I think it is by far the best combination in the palette.

The colors for the second look are in the middle row the colors are; big baby, sassy bun, and sippy sippy. 

Ok let’s get the negative out of the way…I hate big baby!! You cannot even see the swatch on my arm because it is basically my skin tone, it’s also a matte eyeshadow and I’ve stated before tarte does not make a good matte shadow it doesn’t blend and just sits there. That being said I love the shades sassy buns and sippy sippy, they are both very pigmented and blend perfectly together. I must say sassy bun is my favorite shade it’s very shiny and sparkly it’s a go to shade for sure. 

Last but not least the last row of the palette the colors are; haunting, uncommon, mancat. 

The color mancat is also a matte so I’m not a fan… It looks pigmented on my arm but you really need to put a lot on and try repeatedly to blend it. The other two colors are very similar and very glittery I do like then however I rarely use purple colors. Overall it’s a really nice collection of colors and nicely sorted together. 

I was not able to get either of her lip paints they sold out to fast so I hope to get them this time around especially Texas toast. In the photos I was wearing NYX liquid suede in soft spoken, I figured it went well with the palette. I was playing around a bit with the lipstick and I put the shade sippy sippy on top of the lipstick (luckily it’s kind of sticky) and I made this gorgeous chrome color. It actually did not have fallout and it stayed on nicely so I will be sure to do this more. 

I hope this review helped anyone that was possibly thinking of getting this palette it’s definitely worth it. I don’t think I would honestly get it if it didn’t have grav3yardgirl’s name on it but I’m so glad I did! -💋Katherine 

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