Jeffree star – lip ammunition 

Some of you guys and gals May of read one of my older posts about jeffree Stars liquid lipsticks and how much I adored them. I wrote that right before the release of his lipstick line “Lip Ammunition” so I hadn’t had the chance to put these in there yet. I only purchased three shades…which may seem like a lot but I usually do more damage especially when something new comes out. I’ll go over each of the shades and my thoughts on all of them. 

Swatched above we have the three colors I purchased in order it is; unicorn blood, ex-supermodel, baby spice. These were the colors that definitely jumped off the page for me. I know two are pink and usually I try a nude one too but he only released ten shades seven of them were pink and the one nude was a shade I already had in liquid formula.

The packaging is very Jeffree star pink and literally in the shape of bullets which goes perfectly well with the name ammunition. The packaging also very cheap to be honest, it reminds me of kids makeup. The packaging isn’t the most important part of the makeup obviously but I’m a little disappointed because he races about other brands with the best packaging.

Unicorn blood

So this line had two shades from the liquid lipstick one was celebrity skin and this one unicorn blood. I didn’t want to get this shade in the liquid form because it seemed to dark for me but after watching swatches this seemed more soft. The color is lighter than the liquid but it’s still a little dark for me however it is fall and its the perfect time to wear it. 


Sooooo I don’t know if it’s just me but the swatch and the color on my lips look completely different? The color in the tube also looks like the swatch so I thought I would love it but sadly I do not. This color is way to light it’s like pink and lavender mixed but like a neon version of it. Maybe I can wear it in the spring but even so I do not like it.

Baby spice

Same thing as the ex-supermodel I just don’t think this was the same on my lips as it was in the swatch. I do like the color of this more than the ex-supermodel but it’s still giving off a neon vibe to me. 

Overall I actually hate this product the quality is not good. I may be more harsh on these because I expect a lot since I loved the liquid lipsticks. The quality is very thick and chalky for my taste and it because it is so heavy it does not last long. I will not be making another purchase for the lipsticks I thought maybe if try another shade of pink since they turn out so weird but I hate the formula so much. 

I recommend the liquid lipstick all the way though I have bought four more since my original blog about them and I am in love. Thanks for reading!! -💋Katherine 

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