Sephora birthday – Fresh cleanser and face mask

So I’m sure anyone that is reading this is already familiar with the free gift you get from Sephora for your birthday month. Above are the choices given I don’t know how long for maybe until the end of the year? Anyway you get to choose one or the other so I wanted to write a little review about the one I chose. 

Before I go into my review I’ll just go over a little about the other gift and products. You get a free lipstick and eyeliner from Marc Jacobs, this seemed like the more obvious choice to me at first because I’m the lipstick queen. The lipstick retails at $30 and the eyeliner retails at $25 I believe it’s minis so you don’t get that full $55 value but what’s free is free so just enjoy.

I really wanted to try the fresh cleanser it has great reviews and its in a lot of the different fresh kits. I never tried anything by them besides the lip moisturizers but those were simply amazing so I wanted to try more of their products. I was actually about to purchase a set and get the Marc Jacobs gift but the Sephora rep convinced me to just get the fresh birthday.

Soy face cleanser 

Full size $38

I would love to give this product a five star review and I really do recommend it but sadly it didn’t work for me. The product is full of rose and cucumbers and it smells amazing and leaves the skin rejuvenated and soft. So why did it not work for me….well like I said the product has cucumber in it. Years ago I used the yes to cucumbers cleanser and I had a terrible reaction to it, at the time I thought it was just a bad product I didn’t pry to much into it. So anyway after using this product for about a week or two I noticed I started to break out and my skin was feeling drier than normal. So lesson learned not to use cucumber anywhere near my face. 

Rose face mask

Full size $62

This product is like a literal rose it’s so strong when you open the lid it’s like your in a rose garden. I often find myself opening it up and inhaling it because I absolutely love floral scents. As for working I really didn’t see any kind of difference or feel anything. I thought maybe I would feel my face softer after using it but I might as well just use water it does nothing and is not worth the $62.

Well thank you Sephora for the free gift I’m glad I could try something new and give it a try. Even thought I didn’t exactly like the products it was worth a shot to see if I would like it, fresh still has a lot more products I want to try out I’m still a fan. I’m sure the cleanser will work for others it felt amazing on my skin and I wish I could use it. -💋Katherine

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