Drunk elephant – let’s be clear

Well ladies and gents I can honestly say I’m in love!! I have been dying to try Drunk elephant products and with the lovely Sephora sale I was left with no choice but to purchase. This brand is pretty pricey so I wanted to get this kit because it lets you try a little of everything. 

The kit is $82 but is a value of $130 so pretty sweet deal. I love on the back of the box it goes through all the reasons to use it and the suggested uses making you want to dive in immediately! I also need to point out the packaging is adorable and I’m a huge sucker for good packaging.

C-firma day serum 

Retailed at $80

So we shall start with my least positive review first. I’m not saying that this product is terrible but I honestly haven’t noticed any change. It comes out very oily but dries on the face instantly but again no difference. I’ve been applying this on after all of my other skin care routine but I’m going to try it after cleanser to see if that would work better.

Virgin Marula luxury facial oil

Retailed at $72

This product I can’t say I feel much of a difference either…however my skin has been feeling amazing from the products I was using. This is an oil that dries right away as well and it is supposed to brighten the face like the day serum. 

T.L.C. Framboos glycolic night serum 

Retailed at $90

This stuff is absolutely incredible! It is the best night serum I have ever used and I shall be purchasing the full size of it even with the insane price. This makes my skin so soft and it’s just as soft in the morning as it was when I put it on at night. 

B-hydra intensive hydration gel

Retailed at $52

This is the only full size product that came in the kit but I’m sure glad it did. This stuff sinks in the skin and makes it so soft and smooth. This is one of the cheaper products compared to the others and I’m definitely planning on purchasing it when this one runs out.

Pekee bar

Retailed at $28

So I obviously did not take the photo above but I jumped the gun and got some use out of it before I could get a photo. This product is amazing as well I was surprised I loved it so much since I hate bars of soap. The bar lathers and exfoliates wonderfully and your skin feels so clean and soft when your done I love it.

I’m so happy I finally got to try these products and sad because I know I’m gonna be dropping future dollars on them. I can’t wait to try drunk elephants other products I highly advise to give this set a try gives you a chance to test multiple items. -💋Katherine 

3 thoughts on “Drunk elephant – let’s be clear

  1. I wanted to not fall in love with the framboos when it came in my play bag, but it was impossible to resist 🙈 that stuff is holy grail! It has really helped my skin tone and scarring. I found that this goes on sale at Dermstore pretty often for 20% off so I would recommend checking them out when it’s time to refill! I think when you subscribe to their emails you automatically get a 20% coupon, so I would do that when you’re ready! At this price, a sale really helps!!


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