Huda – rose gold eyeshadow palette 

I’m so stoked I finally got this palette and used it enough to give it a proper review. Most of you probably know this palette has been sold out on Sephoras website and stores for weeks now. Even when I got an email that it was back in stock it was sold out again in minutes. I happened to be at a Sephora during the VIB sale and an associate happened to find extras they didn’t know they had so I was able to snag one.

There’s a good reason this palette sold out it’s absolutely breathtaking!! There have been mixed reviews about the palette some people say it’s amazing and some say it’s dry and patchy. I always use urban decay eyeshadow primer and I think that helps even the worst palettes blend in good. Another reason this wasn’t given a lot of props is because it does not come with a mirror or a brush however most of us beauty enthusiasts have a good supply of them. 

I did a few looks with the shadows so I shall share them below

The look above I used the color moon dust for my base lid and blended it with maneater in my crease.

So much glitter!! This one I used my lid base with bae and then went over it with the shade rose gold and then I highlighted over that with flamingo. 

This is more of a natural look I did with my lid base as sandalwood and then I blended the crease with the shade henna 

I tried a bit darker look with this one even though dark is not for me. I did my lid base as suede and then blended over that with shy.

This palette is very universal it’s filled with mostly matte shades but then full glitter shades that you can place on top. I feel that they lasted a good amount of time and they even go well below the bottom lashes. The colors are absolutely gorgeous as well I’ve swatched all of them by row you will see below.

Shades: Dubai, fling, 24k, rose gold, trust fund, angelic. 

Shades: #blessed, bossy, flamingo, shy, bae, moon dust

Shades: black truffle, suede, coco, maneater, henna, sandalwood

How can you not love this palette with these absolute gorgeous shades?? I advise if you can get your hands on one of these bad boys don’t hesitate and miss your chance. -💋Katherine 

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