November favorites!!

Hello beautiful people!! I know it’s late to do a November favorite post but I had some items I just had to talk about.

November was such a busy month for me which is not normal I usually have nothing going on. I went to Las Vegas for the first time and spent a week there, I now know the strongest moisturizer is needed for a place like that. I also had Thanksgiving at my house and it required a lot of prep and prime. 

With all that being said I haven’t had time to read any posts let alone write any. I must say I did miss it and I’m so happy to have this blog it really makes my day to write a post, so thank you to all of those that do take the time to read my posts and communicate with me.

ABH cosmetics- Master palette by Mario 

Retailed at $45

I know a lot of people had this in their October favorite list but I didn’t get to use it enough to form an opinion yet. Now that I have fully tested this bad boy out I have nothing but love for this product. As you can see it has been used frequently since I cannot get enough of if. The colors blend in so well and it’s such a nice color scheme to create amazing looks. I haven’t taken swatches but a lot of other bloggers have and you can see that the colors are very creamy and pigmented. I also want to brag about how long it lasts, I like when my makeup looks like it does when I put it on in the morning. 

Drunk elephant- B-Hydra Intensive gel

I’ve already talked about this in my last post but I have to say I have used it every day since I purchased it. I have the driest skin ever and finding products to help it are hard since most of them cater to the oily skin. I love that drunk elephant products are made for any skin type and doesn’t leave the skin anything but soft.

Sephora- pro featherweight complexion brush in #90

Retailed at $34

I’m new to the whole using good brushes concept. I know that’s a beauty basic but I was able to work a sponge really well and make do with the cheap brushes I had. So I took to Sephora and seen that this one was chosen for the allure best beauty and I thought I would give it a shot. It’s amazing the brush applies the foundation flawlessly and does not leave behind those annoying lines or splotches. Another big bonus the brush cleans really well I like the Sephora brush shampoo that gets it back to a new fresh brush.

Kat Von D – liquid lipstick shade in mother 

Retailed at $20

I always have a certain lipstick I tend to wear more than other shades. This was my first time using the kat von d liquid lipstick and I am very pleased with the results. It does not cause to much drying and it lasts very long even through my many cups of coffee.

Glamglow- power mud

Retailed at $69

Although I have not tried the purple or the orange glamglow so fare I have to say my favorite one is the green. You can actually feel your pores being cleaned providing a tingling feeling. I definitely notice that after using this product my pores are much smaller and cleaner. I got this good lookin from the glamglow website while they had a boho sale and I now have two of them. 

AJR – what everyone’s thinking 

I know this isn’t a beauty product but I’m also very passionate about music and I wanted to share my found love for AJR. You may of heard of this band before they had a hit a year ago titled “I’m ready” which had parts of the sponge bob vocals in the song. This EP was released this year and it is nothing short of amazing. The music has its own vibe on every song they are combining pop, rap, folk, and alternative all in one. My favorite songs on this are “come hang out”, “turning out”, and “weak”. I encourage anyone go give them a listen they have all of their material available on Spotify or you can always YouTube.

Thank you for reading and making another month amazing -💋Katherine 

6 thoughts on “November favorites!!

  1. Can’t wait to get the mario palette,the shades are so me.Love the sound of the drunk elephant gel,something i need in my life by the sounds of it.I didn’t know glamglow do a range of masks,definitely one ill be saving up to invest in.Love your lipstick too,your makeup is so pretty x

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