Kylie cosmetics- matte liquid lipsticks 

Well I finally caved and made a purchase from Kylie cosmetics. I know it’s been around for a long time however I didn’t see the point in paying $29 for a lipstick. I never use lip liner so I didn’t want to get a kit and only use half of the product so I’m so happy she came out with singles. You can get the liner and lipstick separate for $17 which is a normal price the the quality lipstick you get, I was able to snag these bad boys around $13 a piece during the cyber Monday. 

All prices and layouts aside the products are actually pretty great! I heard so many mixed opinions of them I wasn’t sure what to expect it seems like you either love them or hate them. They are very long lasting which is my biggest priority I like my lipstick to just need one mid day touch up and look flawless when I’m done. The colors are also pretty amazing it’s hard not to be in love with them. 

My first shade is koko k, it’s the one she made for khloe kardashian. I’m actually not sure about any of that family I don’t watch the show but I’m assuming khloe likes pale pink. I must say I really like the shade it looks much better on me than in the bottle.

The color above is ginger, I was most excited to try this shade it looked like such a good mix of brown and red. The photo doesn’t have the best lighting and the shade looks a lot lighter than it is. Overall I like the shade however I don’t think I look good with really dark lipstick so I won’t use a lot but I still like the shade.

Final shade I purchase was Kristen, not sure if this was named after a friend or family member again I don’t really follow them. I’m not a huge fan of this shade it’s way to dark for me I was hoping it was going to lean towards a more of a pink however this leaning to a maroon red.

The swatches are in the same order as the pictures above. My favorite by far is koko k the swatch is just beautiful as well. I’ll definitely be purchasing from Kylie cosmetics again. -💋Katherine

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