Boscia – charcoal deep pore cleansing stick

So I’ve been slacking on posting lately so I though I would give a brief review of a new product I’ve purchased. This is my first product I’ve tried by boscia (I know crazy!!). I have been wanting to try the brand for some time now and I have wanted this product for a while. 

The product sells for $28 which is a standard price for the product and brand category it’s in. The application is easy to use as expected you simply dampen your skin with warm water and rub the stick onto your skin. When I first tried it the stick turned into a bubbly light grey cleanser and I did my whole face like that. After looking at other postings online I found other people applied more product and made black marks on the face. I can’t say I found a difference in the two applications overall but if you want it reapplied until black you have to use a lot of pressure and it feels a little funky. 

My end result? Eh. I honestly didn’t see any kind of difference I use good cleansers anyway but I was hoping so see some kind of result. They make it sound like they will literally clean out and erase all your pores and unfortunately mine are still here. I will still use this until finished since it does seem like a good cleanser and again it’s easy to apply and I will try more boscia products in the future. -💋Katherine 

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