Anastasia Beverly Hills – stick foundation 

Happy 2017 beautiful bloggers!! 

I have had a long break from social media and haven’t been able to write or read any blogs but I’m glad to be back and talk beauty again! Within my two month quiet stint I have tried two new foundations one I love and one that got a thumbs down. Let’s discuss the one I like and start out on a positive note.

I have been wanting to try stick foundation for some time especially the bobbi brown one (I believe she was the first to come out with it). I was always to scared to try it out because of that hefty price which usually costs the same as normal high end foundation around $40. So I was super stoked that Anastasia came out with a foundation and even more ecstatic that it is only $25!

I am absolutely addicted to this foundation it’s the simple to put on and it lasts a good portion of the day. Now it’s not my favorite I have foundation that lasts a lot longer but this one lasts longer than most in my opinion. 

I’ve taken some before and after photos but please look over my frumpy appearance, I’ve been chilling a lot in my twenty one pilots tank and a Jenna Joseph messy bun. 

So that’s my (eek!!) makeup free look before the foundation. 

Now before the primer I like to put on face oil especially with the stick foundation. This makes the foundation a lot easier to spread and sink in, my favorite oil is the drunk elephant shown above.

As you can see the stick doesn’t match my skin perfectly but once you blend it in it matches perfectly. I simply just streak the stick a few times on my face like you see above and then use a beauty blender to blend it in.

So the photos above show the foundation blended in and the one below that shows a full face of makeup with the foundation. 

Overall I’m super impressed with the quality of the foundation especially for $25, it’s also one of the easiest and fastest foundations I’ve applied. I definitely want to try other ones now too I’ve been told the makeup forever hd stick is really good maybe I’ll try that one next. -💋Katherine 

12 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills – stick foundation 

      1. I know! I wish they weren’t so pricey but I have to say with them a little bit goes a long long way. There are a lot of good drugstore skin care brands at ulta I want to try out see if those are almost as good.

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