Clinique – take the day off 

So I wanted to share something I use daily and absolutely adore. My all time favorite makeup remover is the Clinique take the day off cleansing oil. I only need to put a little bit on an alcohol pad and it will wipe away all of my makeup. It has the seperate oils in it so you want to make sure you shake it before applying otherwise when you get lower it will only have half the formula.

 The quality of life it has is astronomical it’s only $19.99 for 4.2 oz and lasts me almost a whole year. I even have the travel size which is only $9.50 and only has 1.7oz, I know travel products are a big rip off but this still lasts and I enjoy the good container to have on the go. 

Clinique most recently extended the makeup remover collection and the most talked about product is the cleansing balm. I purchased it because I usually buy anything manny Mua recommends and he gave this remover flying colors and has mentioned it a dozen times. Your supposed to take your fingers and rub the product turning it into an oil and then rub your face with it. I guess the whole idea is to have your makeup resolve for a bit and then begin to wipe it off with a cloth or alcohol pad. 

This product is more than the oil it is 3.8 oz for $29.99 but that may be more since its a solid I’m not quite sure. I’m not a fan of this product though I just feel weird putting the product on with my fingers and not removing right away.

Overall both of the products remove makup easily without any irritation which is what every remover should be like. -💋Katheirne 

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