January ipsy bag 

I haven’t posted about my subscription boxes in a while but I do miss sharing my opinion of the stuff. I also enjoy reading everyone else’s opinions on there bags see if we got the same products and if we share the same opinion. 

I do wanna say this is my favorite bag so far it’s so cute the blue and grey holes! The bag was a mix of positive and negative for me it was kinda a wash this month. 

Global beauty care – Dead Sea wash off mask

I was super excited to try this as I love to try new skin care products and I love Dead Sea salt it has done miracles for my skin. So I did not like this at all, maybe I spoiled myself with the glamglow masks because this did nothing for me.

FUN lacquer-tgif

I absolutely love this nail polish, I mean just look at it!! It’s so sparkly and even without a topcoat it has a smooth finish. I didn’t use a base or top coat and its lasted a week already without shipping, I couldn’t ask for more. 

SL miss glam – L34

I wasn’t expecting much from this brush since the other brushes I’ve received were not good quality. This is a really good brush though it’s a perfect blend for the eyeshadow especially below the brow bone.

Manna kadar cosmetics- fantasy eyeshadow 

This eyeshadow is decent but nothing I would jump for joy over. It’s a decent neutral color though that can blend with many colors.

Modelco – peach Bellini blush

I absolutely love this blush it’s a nice peachy color and is shimmery which I love in blush. The formula blends in nice on my face giving me a natural glow and it lasts for a long time. 

So like I said this month had some pros and some cons but I’m glad I got to try the products I love. -💋Katherine 

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